The History of the Rock Roof Inn

The Rock Roof Inn is so named because of the distinctive, orange-red rock, or scoria, on its roof. Scoria is the product of burned-out lignite coal veins and is valued by western North Dakotans as an ideal rock for covering unpaved roads or landscaping.

More importantly, the scoria roof will help you find this sprawling, rustic-style B & B, perched on the western edge of Glen Ullin. Originally a small house that belonged to Pat’s father, Ray Swift, the home's square footage tripled when the couple renovated it in 1983. Inside, there is Margaret’s first-floor art studio, various sunny sitting rooms, a tree-shaded deck, central air conditioning and comfortable, distinctive bedrooms.

Frosty winter nights can be spent in the loft, sipping cocoa and watching the flames dance in the circular fireplace. If you’re looking for a wonderful place to have an ideal wedding or to host a family reunion, class reunion, scrapbook retreat, quilting bee, partake in the area’s excellent hunting or simply seeking a haven of tranquillity and quiet, The Rock Roof Inn is an ideal destination.

The Rock Roof Inn


Glen Ullin, ND

"The Name"

In May or June of 1879 the Northern Pacific had laid the tracks through the area that is now Glen Ullin. Four years later two land agents - Major Alvin E. Bovay of Ripon, WI, and Isaac Richardson of Cleveland, OH, organized a group to settle in western North Dakota. They decided on the spot that is now Glen Ullin.

Major Bovay chose the name Glen Ullin from one of his favorite pieces of literature, "Lord Ullin's Daughter." The word Glen is a Gaelic word meaning valley, decided upon because of the location in Curlew Valley, a beautiful glen.

Rock Roof Inn
Rock Roof Inn
213 South Fifth Street • Glen Ullin, ND 58631 • (701) 348-3877